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Cursed Child Review

So I have a confession to make…

I actually liked Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Now before you come at me with all your arguments,
“It’s not an official harry potter because”
“It was co-written so”
take a step back, calm down, I know.

I knew exactly what I was getting into from the moment I found out about it online and I prepared myself well for it. I did all my revision, read the books again, for weeks I dedicated myself to refreshing my wizarding world knowledge (but honestly, who could ever forget?) in preparation to receive new information.

When I got the book, I was determined not to touch it for a week. It came out on a Sunday, I knew I had to read it in one sitting, so there was no way I’d be able to do that with school going on. Besides, I was about to go home for the first time in forever, I’d be an emotional wreck if I actually had to deal with real people.

But when my principal spoiled it at Monday’s assembly. I gave up. I had to read it. So I did and I’m saying right now that I absolutely loved it.

7 reasons why I loved HPATCC

  1. Scorpius is the purest thing I have ever read
    Honestly, why isn’t this child in Hufflepuff. I just want to wrap him in a blanket and feed him some soup. He’s amazing, hands down my favourite character in the whole story. Unsuprisingly, Scorpius is just so good that you want to hug his father too.
  2. DRACO
    We all had some kind of expectation for our precious little ferret, but can I just say, no matter what it was, thirty-six-year-old Draco is just too soft. Without his father nagging him 24/7 and Voldemort not taking up residence in his house, Draco is just, He’s had major character development since the second wizarding war which may not be what you wanted but it’s satisfying. I couldn’t help but feel proud of the Slytherin. Draco can be good and I love that.
    Maybe not the Drarry you were expecting (or weren’t expecting – same) but it’s there. An inkling of a friendship. No longer ‘Potter’ and ‘Malfoy’ but ‘Harry’ and ‘Draco’ (also ‘Hermione’ and ‘Ron’). Sure they snap at each other every few lines and all that high school angst is still lingering there, but when your sons are best friends, fathers need to learn to be civil to each other. Harry and Draco may not be friends, but they are more than acquaintances.
  4. Cedric
    I didn’t know my heart needed it until it got it. It was painful, yes, and a little upsetting (or a lot) but Cedric Diggory, is essential to the plot line and I’m not kidding when I say essential.
  5. Snape
    I’ve always had mixed feeling about Snape. Was he truly good? If Harry wasn’t Lily’s son, would he have done what he did? Was Snape ever on anyone’s side? The cursed child gave me some kind of twisted closure and I was able to conclude for myself that yes snape was good (i think) and that’s some closure that I have needed for a very long time.
  6. Hermione
    Hermione is the minister of magic. No, I’m not kidding. It was a surprising career choice. But Hermione has always been (one of) the best, so I get it, go big or go home mione! We’re all cheering for you.
  7. McGonagal

YESSSSS. Aside from the fact that she is now headmaster of Hogwarts, McGonagal is just…McGonagal. Just having her name appear in the story gave me the excitement I needed to keep going.


Now, here’s the thing. I get why a lot of people didn’t like The Cursed Child, I do. Because there’s a handful of things I wasn’t happy about either.

  1. It kind of went down the fanfiction route
    I didn’t need Voldemort to have a child in the canon world. Voldemort has a child in many, many, many Harry Potter fanfictions. It was a twist that I didn’t expect, purely because I didn’t think that they would do it. We get Fanservice from the Fanfiction, we get our obsession from the real thing.
  2. We’ve all established that just because someone is in Slytherin does not mean there is anything bad about them but just because Harry Potter’s son is in slytherin, does not mean everyone should be able to pick on him.
    Your parents shouldn’t matter, especially at Hogwarts. I get it, Harry’s famous, he saved the wizarding world and all, but Hogwarts students should know well that your blood doesn’t reflect who you are.


Maybe we’re all just in too deep and have expectations about a world that we didn’t create. No matter how hard we can try, we all can’t turn our world into the magical one. As hard as it is to accept, the Wizarding World came out of J.K Rowling’s brilliant, brilliant, mind. If she says something happened, there’s no room for argument. Because her saying it’s true, means it’s true.