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Do I feel like a main character? No.


Recently I turned the big one, six, not sixty one but sixteen. I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for literally my whole life and my excitement has only increased ever since I got into books all those years ago. Because in a lot of young adult books, the main character is sixteen.

Do I feel like a main character?

Well, no.

I looked a bit silly waiting for something to happen on the eve and day of my sixteenth birthday, I was wishing for something to happen whenever there was an opportunity, for example, there was a cake getting delivered to my house and I was hoping there would be some kind of secondary character who suddenly becomes some kind of important presence in my life and takes me on magical adventures and stuff.

But there was nothing, absolutely nothing.

So here I am, sitting here waiting for something magnificent to take place in my life like in all the books I read, browsing the internet and wishing on every star in the sky for something exciting to happen. (even though I know it probably won’t)

Until next time

Tanzeem 🙂



That's so me! Sometimes I just wish I would get caught up in some sort of fight scene and then my life becomes this amazing adventure...

4th Apr, 18

I know right! And I think this only happens because I read books. sometimes I wonder whether or not I would crave excitement like I do if I wasn't a reader. Maybe non bookish me would be totally content with living a boring life!

9th Apr, 18

We all have the chance to be the protagonists. But really we're all the support characters to each others stories and the protagonists of our own

22nd Apr, 18

That was deep, I really felt that (also should I have waited a couple days so that this reply came exactly a year later?)

15th Apr, 19