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Presented by State Library Victoria

Five things you need to do next time you go to the bookstore

Tips to save you time, money and maybe improve your life just a little bit


Have a list of books you’re looking for

Browsing is for Libraries and as much as we love owning books, we don’t like spending money on a book only to find out that we didn’t enjoy it very much and could’ve bought something else.


Go straight to where you’ll find the books you want

Don’t linger in front of displays, they’ll only distract you from your goal. Displays are there to capture you’re attention, don’t let that happen. For if you suddenly fall for a book (or a limited edition of a Harry Potter novel you already own) not only will you lose valuable storage space, your money will also be dancing out of your wallet


Have a conversation with the person who works there

What kind of book lover doesn’t want to get paid to be surrounded by books? That’s exactly why the person manning the checkout will be your temporary best friend. Need a new book to read? Maybe you’re lost in heaven and can’t seem to find a series? Or do you just need to vent your frustrations to someone who might feel the same? Well now you know exactly who to talk to and guess what? They get paid to help you out! It’s a win-win situation.


Ask about employment opportunities

Have you ever wanted to get paid for being surrounded by the things you love? Well guess what! A job like that actually exists! Why don’t you go see if your local bookstore is hiring? You never know, it may just be the best decision of your life.


Take notice of bookstore events

You know that author? The one that wrote your favourite book? The one you would do absolutely anything to meet? Well you might not have to go to extreme lengths to see them! Bookstores often have really cool author events and if you know just where to look, at just the right time, all your dreams might come true!

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I only relate to #3. All the other ones either don't apply to me, or I just can't

22nd Apr, 18