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Presented by State Library Victoria

How to catch a Tanzeem

So you want to catch the wild Tanzeem when walking through her area of long grass.

The wild Tanzeem can be known by many, many names,

  • Loser
  • Nerd
  • Fangirl
  • Library Kid

But because she is oblivious to the world and is always lost either in a book or in her own head, she’ll only ever answer to her own name.
though often enough, even that won’t catch her attention, you may need to push her off the couch.
(it’s happened)


For a seemingly clueless teenager who barely speaks unless spoken to, as hidden as it may be, she does have a personality, one that is loud and passionate and can be immensely frustrating.

But don’t worry, she won’t freak out on you, not unless you manage to actually lure her out of her habitat, which can be, very, very, very challenging.

But if you do want to catch the wild Tanzeem (though I don’t understand why you would) calling out ‘Spiderman’, ‘Books’ or ‘Adrien Agreste’ might be a good way to get started, but have your ultraball at the ready, the wild Tanzeem likes to run from people she doesn’t know .


inky State Library Victoria

23rd Oct, 17
inky State Library Victoria

FYI guys, to embed gifs in comment you need to paste in the embed code from Giphy

23rd Oct, 17

In reply to inky

You can use any html code and it will work. is used defaultly.

can be used. Hey I should make a guide on this.

22nd Apr, 18

Tanzeem I'm pretty sure you're not an individual. You are a species. You are all of us ;P

22nd Apr, 18