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Looking Back

Dear Users of Inside a Dog,

Two years later, I feel like it’s time I re-introduce myself. My name is Tanzeem, I’m in year 12, and I am a member of the first Dog’s Advisory Board for insideadog.com.au which in other words means, I was a part of the team of about 15 teenagers who helped CYL and IAD create this website. I met with my peers every Tuesday after school for almost a year, screaming ideas at the top of my lungs to try and help create a space where teens could share their love of books, writing and well everything else in a safe and fun environment.

You might recognise me if you watched the Inside a Dog Launch event – A Dog’s Breakfast.

I’ve just spent the last hour cruising through this website, reading many, many of the posts, some from users I recognise, others from users I’ve never read before, and I sound like a cheesy old adult saying this, but I can’t help but have my heart swell in pride. Because this, all of this that I am seeing, the community, the friendships, the supportive environment and the sharing of creativity is exactly what I imagined this site to be when I was fifteen, (and I’m almost eighteen now…wow…time flies…).

Honestly, I don’t even know why i’m writing this…maybe because I just have too much to say, or too much pride that I have to share…or maybe because I once wrote something on my blog years ago that still stands. This website was created for you, and that, although the DAB no longer meets, I am still here for you, to help you on this site, to share my opinions and ideas with you, and even though I’m barely ever posting on this (@bookswithbane knows, I replied to one of their messages months later – i’m sorry!) because I am swamped with school (Hahahahaha year 12 is soooo fun), if you want me to see something,  I’ll get around to it. I will. (Just make sure you tag me so I can see the notification).

So that’s the end of my sappy post about how much I love what I’ve seen today, and now it’s kind of awkward because I don’t know how to end this. But I guess all I really want to say, is thank you, for making our vision come true.

Stay classy guys




Two years already! And no worries, we get that you're in one of the busiest periods of your life. It's sad that CYL is being disbanded(which many people are unhappy about) and that the DAB(whoever named it did not think of the consequences) do not meet anymore. Phenomenal speaking at the Dog's Breakfast and I hope you continue to stay on this website, even if you don't blog and when you become an adult ;)

16th Apr, 19

Two months late! I'm sorry! Thank you for your kind words, i'm planning to hang around for as long as i can!

20th Jun, 19
inky State Library Victoria

My heart swells with pride when I read this! Thank you for helping to build this community. So glad you're still here!

20th Jun, 19