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What's happening?

I’m doing two very strange things right now.

I’m staying up when I could be sleeping…which I hate.

I’m also eating blueberry yoghurt…which I hate.

But sometimes I guess you find yourself doing things you thought you’d never do because the moment calls for it.

I think school works finally gotten to me, and I’m starting to loose my mind.

I’ve only read one book that I can remember, which is ridiculous because it’s April, and two years ago I used to consistently read eleven books a week.

I think it’s hard to live when school wants to drive you insane, but everyone seems to get through it.

and I hope I do too.

stay classy guys




it's weird that I can relate to this, but yes!

15th Apr, 18

Late replies! Late replies! BUT YES OMG, I don't wish this insanity upon you, but it's nice to know i'm not alone, 5 months later and I'm still losing it! :)

24th Sep, 18

How does it feel to hit the sweet sixteen. Also please post more *lower lip wobbles*

22nd Apr, 18

Sorry i'm so slow to reply! Sweet Sixteen felt different on the day of my birthday, because I was like MY LIFE STARTS TODAY, TODAY I WILL FIND OUT I'M A FAIRY PRINCESS. but ahaha being sixteen feels the same as being fifteen (except now I can drive (which i'm not very good at))! And i'm sorry I don't post more! It's nice to know someone likes to read what I post!

24th Sep, 18

In reply to tanzeem

Sheesh you weren’t kidding when you said slow to reply

25th Sep, 18